Near Nancy

Cover of Pro Big Band series arrangement Near Nancy

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Downloadable PDF edition $40
You’ll have the file almost immediately, but you’ll need to print it out and tape pages together yourself—unless you can convince someone else to do it for you!

Printed edition $60
The chart will arrive in the mail with all the parts printed on heavy-duty paper and taped together as needed. However, you will need to wait several days for your chart.

Composed and arranged by Bill Ash.

A pretty ballad filled with lush harmonies. Features flugelhorn, with additional solos for tenor sax and piano.


Full score
Alto sax 1 (optional flute double)
Alto sax 2 (optional clarinet double)
Tenor sax 1 (optional flute or clarinet double)
Tenor sax 2 (optional clarinet double)
Baritone sax
Trumpets 1-4 (flugelhorn double)
Trombones 1-3
Bass trombone 4

Solos: Trumpet (flugelhorn) 2, Tenor sax 1, Piano

Performance time about 4:50.